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Eye health examinations with full service optical lab.

Emergency Eye Clinic visits are one of the most important types of eye exams and services that we provide. It is not well known that optometrists administer emergency eye care services. However, if anyone experiences any symptoms which are alarming, there is nobody better to come to than an optometrist. By asking specific questions, the optometrist will decide how urgently the problem should be addressed and provide treatment.

If a patient calls with a true emergency, optometrists will see you immediately and do all that they can to resolve the problem. The biggest issue is that not many people are aware that the symptoms they may be experiencing are an emergency and will often ignore them or attribute them to some other cause. This sometimes results in waiting for the symptoms to self resolve and ends up in severe vision loss. A list of symptoms that are true ocular emergencies which should be seen right away is provided for your information.