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Eye health examinations with full service optical lab.

So, you’ve just had your eyes examined and your eye doctor has given you a prescription. Can you use it to get contact lenses? The answer in most cases is NO. The prescription you receive at the end of your exam is typically a prescription for eyeglasses only. Contact Lenses are an excellent method of vision correction and a great addition to spectacle correction. Contact lenses come in many different sizes and curvatures. Accurate prescriptions for contact lenses can only be issued after several steps are taken that are not included in a routine eye exam.

Contact lenses are a great choice for vision correction but should never completely replace glasses. It is important to give the eyes a few hours a day without contact lenses unless they are approved for extended wear.

Their responsibility and care should not be taken lightly as they are a medical device. Due to their comfort, it is easy to forget that they need to be cared for in a specific manner.

Contact lens abuse such as over wear and sleeping in contacts which are not approved to do so can result in severe permanent damage to an individual’s eye health. This is why it is important for contact lenses to always be fit and training to be provided by an eye care professional.

If you are interested in contact lenses, be sure to let us know at the time you schedule your appointment and we will set up a contact lens fitting in addition to your eye exam.